Best Practices of Email Marketing

This will be the Final Module of our Free Email Marketing Course.

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Module 1 : Introduction to Email Marketing

Module 2 : Getting Started with Email Marketing

Module 3 : How to Build & Grow your Email List

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Now, lets move on to the final module of our Email Marketing Course..

Let’s start with Some Best Practices which you need to follow while doing Email Marketing.

Write quality subject lines

Subject lines are very important.

Having a relevant & quality subject line will increase the chances of opening the email.

You must spend some quality time and figure out the best subject lines to achieve success in the Email Marketing.

Send to yourself first before you broadcast

Always send yourself the first email before brodcasting it to your email list.. Sending email to yourself first will ensure

  • Links in the email are working as expected
  • The content of the email is user-friendly and don’t have spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Review it and modify the content if needed.

Avoid Landing up in SPAM

  • Always take permission before sending an email.
  • Always send the right email to the right person with right permission.
  • Don’t Send email to people whom you don’t know as it may lead to SPAM


By now, we understood the importance of Email Marketing and its impact on your blog or online business to generate the much needed traffic. Let us recap important points to make sure you get the most form Email Marketing.

Your Website/Blog is the Key

Without a blog or website you can not produce content on any topic.  Once you have a blog and start publishing content on any topic, you can start building email list who has similar interests

Make sure you produce quality content on your blog/website so that your existing subscribers will start sharing the content.  In this way, your subscribers list will start growing.

Final Words

Remember that email is a communication between you and your potential customer.  By this communication, you are developing a relationship with your customer. So make sure you are sending the right email to the right person in the right way.

We all receive emails on our day to day life and we know the influence it brings as well. So follow best practices and get the most out of your email marketing.

Hope our Email Marketing course provided you the necessary information to get started with Email Marketing and improve your online business.

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