Start & Grow your Email List

In this module we are going to discuss “How to Build & Grow your Email list”.

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If you apply, the following steps you can start building your email list and get the visitors to your website or blog.

Building Email List

  • List down the people or friends on a piece of paper/excel sheet you know who might be interested in the topic of your blog
  • Write an email to them or message them about your blog. Ask them whether they will be interested to receive emails regarding the topic that you are writing on your blog.
  • If their reply is Yes. Congratulations, You got your first subscribers. Take their email address and send them email whenever you publish a new post.

Growing Email List

  • Now that you got your first set of subscribers, next thing you need to do is to post in your social media (Facebook or Twitter) about your new blog.
  • Request your friends to share the post so that even their friends will be aware about your new blog. By using this method you will get more email subscribers for your blog.
  • Repeat the above process to build your email list. Always remember when you provide valuable content, people will share automatically.

Once you have an email list, Every-time you publish a new content in your blog, you can inform them by sending an email which guarantees you minimum traffic to your blog.

If you keep on producing more valuable content, people will share it and automatically your blog will become viral.

As discussed in the last module, traffic is the key to earn from your blog either through Google ads or Affiliate Marketing or Selling Own Products.  So follow the above methods to generate traffic to your blog.

Hope this post provided you the basic knowledge on “How to Build & Grow Your Email List”

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