Getting Started - Email Marketing

Getting Started – Email Marketing

To get started with email marketing and achieve the best results, it’s very much essential to have a blog or website.

In case you don’t have a blog or website,  we suggest you to take a decision now and start your new blog.  Having own blog or website will open the doors of passive income for you.

What do you exactly need to know before starting your own blog or website?

  • Topic
  • Target Audience.


This is the base for everything you write about on your new blog.

Example: Take Our Blog, Our Topic is “Helping Online Startup’s”. So We write about Startup Ideas, Email Marketing Course and other information which helps to start and grow an online business.

So you need to be clear, what’s that topic on which you are going to start your blog. Make sure your topic is wide enough and has ample scope to produce more content.

Target Audience

Once you decide on the topic of your new blog, next thing is to identify the target audience.

Suppose you are going to start a blog about “Weight Loss” and planning to write about “Natural Weight Loss Programs”, “Diet tips for Weight Loss”.

Then people who are aiming for weight loss will be your Target Audience. You need to produce content which is helpful tor your target audience.

Identifying topic & target audience is extremely important.  Because these are the foundation stones for your blog.  Apart from topic and target audience, Never forget the below rules to achieve success in your online business.

  • Treat your blog as your business
  • Look yourself as an entrepreneur managing your online business
  • Learn to be disciplined and focused on running your own blog (online business)

Because Your Blog or website is certainly your business.

Proven Ways to Generate income from Blog or Website

Look at the following list for top 3 best and proven ways that you can earn money from your blog or website.

  • Google Ads

You can earn from your blog from AdSense. AdSense is the program offered by Google to the bloggers and website owners to earn from their website or blog.

Once your blog has 3-4 posts, up and running. You can apply for the Google AdSense.

Once you get the approval, you can start earning money from Google Ads

  • Affiliate Marketing

By Promoting other business products (Example: Amazon), you can earn money from your blog.

For every sale that happens in amazon through your website, Amazon will pay you commission.

  • Selling your own product or service

If you offer any service to clients or if you have any own product to sell, you can do it from your blog and earn money.

Whatever the way you select for earning money through your blog, it will be possible only if you get traffic to your website.

Getting visitors to your blog is the most important thing for earning money from your blog and you can do this easily will less effort using Email Marketing.

More Visitors -> More impressions to Google Ads -> More Money 

More Visitors -> More Sales -> More Money 

So Email Marketing plays a very vital role in generating additional income for your online business.

Check out this link for Step by Step Guide to Launch Your Own Website/Blog(without any coding)

In the Next Module, we will cover the following topics.

  • Setting up your blog & Writing first blog post
  • How to start building your email list

Happy Learning!!

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